Angeli i demoni kruzhili nado mnoj


Hello, Dakota here, bringing you the darker side of fashion.

It’s sleek, sleek, sleek! Cyberpunk is a fashion I have always loved. My biggest inspiration for my Cyberpunk styles is Ghost in the Shell S.A.C.


Nothing says “I’m part android!” like latex! And you can never go wrong with a reverse bob, which RL Dakota is currently sporting! ❤




AND THESE BOOT!!! Aaaaaah ❤ I would die to have these boots in RL. I personally love mixing Mesh with Prim. These boots are Mesh and are awesome! All the Mesh! ❤




Model: Sodapup Resident

Top: Eve N Better Latex Suit

Bottom: Eve N Better Latex Suit

Shoes: [PO] Mesharah Boots

Skin: [.Mascarade.] Adonis -Black Line-

Eyes: ~*By Snow*~ Elven Eyes (Crimson)

Hair: A&Y Aeon hair 1 – Purple

Gun: M-3 Predator Heavy Pistol [solid colors]

Shape: Custom Made by my Friend Aea


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