Puzzly, Alice and Tati at the beach!

Puzzly, the redhead

I am twenty years old and I’m currently a college student in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I work part time which helps pay for my addiction to SL and its fashion. I’m a bit of a dork and I love to play video games in my spare time. I also love everything kawaii and Japanese culture. Alice was the one who introduced me to SL and I’ve been addicted ever since. Other projects that I currently am doing is a video game youtube channel with my friend, Becky.

Alice, The Village Derp

I am a nerd, a goth, a punky rebel, the derpiest mo’ fo’ you will ever know… and yes dakota likes to make all the things physical and toss them about. i love music and art. i am an artist actually and i like to paint, draw, and do digital art. i make shapes on sl recently getting into that. i love all things dark and sometimes i like rainbows and kawaii things, but mostly gothy haha. well that is all really except for this…. HERP A DERP INFLURP MINGY DINGY DERPY POPPY DE CORN A DERKA FLIPPIN FLOOPIN DER PUMPKIN PIE ALA BAZOOKI!!!!


Dakota, the Dreamer

Doot doo everyone! I am Dakota, the resident coyote, goofball and non-straight Jelly of the group. Decided to squeeze my tush into this blog and swim around a bit. You’ll usually see me gallivanting with these nutballs in our shenanigans. When it comes to SL, I love just hanging out with my pals and doing all the funs!! I also like to set heavy prim stuff to physical and throw them all over the place, ask Alice. Lol!


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